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Our Worship Experience

Join our congregation of Emory United Methodist Church every Sunday at 9:30 AM for a traditional United Methodist worship service. We find beauty and meaning through worship and music that have connected generations of believers. Today, as we stand on the foundation of faith that has been laid before us, we eagerly anticipate a sacred time of reflection, praise, and communion as a congregation each week.

Music at Emory UMC

Music holds a profound and integral role in our worship experience. The harmonies and lyrics of hymns and worship songs provide a unique avenue for our congregation to connect, and express emotions, devotion, and reverence that words alone often cannot capture. Beyond its emotional impact, music serves as a unifying force, binding our congregation together in collective worship.

At Emory UMC, we utilize a blend of traditional and modern music for worship. Often, we are called to worship by our student-led praise band. We have a choir made up of both community members and Emory & Henry students. 

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